shutterstock-logoYou may be wondering if you can get your hands on Shutterstock’s free trial. Indeed, not too long ago Shutterstock did offer a free trial – for seven days. What happened to it? I’ll get to that. But, first things first. What, or who is Shutterstock?

The Best Subscription-Based Stock Agency

Shutterstock is the best subscription-based stock agency on the market. Although they may be a subscription only microstock agency, they do have on-demand subscriptions. There are affordable and incredibly popular. Find more about the free trial.

Shutterstock offers far more than just photos – in fact, most microstock agencies have expanded their selection to include more than photos. It’s becoming an industry standard. Shutterstock now offers stock photos, vectors, videos and music tracks. Each day, over 50,000 files are added to the library. At the moment, their library has over 60 million files in it.

Some Quick Stats about Shutterstock


If that wasn’t enough to turn you want to Shutterstock, check out some of these stats.

  • Shutterstock is home to the largest royalty-free library in the world.
  • Their library has over 3 million stock video files, of which 2.5 million are in high definition.
  • Shutterstock has free and innovative features to keep you engaged and inspired – check out their Shutterstock labs.
  • Started by a photographer, Shutterstock opened its doors back in 2003. They’ve been at the forefront of the online microstock industry since the beginning.
  • Shutterstock accepts just about every payment type you can think of – including MasterCard, American Express, Visa, Discover and
  • Shutterstock has editorial images as well as extended licenses for select files.
  • Shutterstock is a public company. They were among the first microstock agencies to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Think that every royalty-free license is the same? Think again. Shutterstock’s standard royalty-free license has several advantages over its competition.

Now, about that free trial – where is it?

Shutterstock Free Trials Are Currently on Hold

Right now, Shutterstock free trials are currently on hold. Instead, they’re offering an incredibly steep discount to where you can get over 200 images for a mere $99. Think about it – that’s $2 an image. That includes their high definition images at higher resolutions. Stock Photo Secrets has secured this page with the special offer on it.

Free Photos Every Tuesday from Shutterstock

As if that weren’t enough, as soon as you grab your free account from Shutterstock, get ready for a taste of what Shutterstock can really offer. Every Tuesday, Shutterstock offers two free high-definition photos to grow your collection – royalty-free license included.

By Jean