Fotolia was recently acquired by Adobe when the tech giant launched their own service with Adobe Stock, but thanks to strong name recognition in Europe and a devoted fanbase of their own, Fotolia’s independent library has remained open and still has some great deals on stock photos that you can benefit from.  With our Fotolia promo code, you can get three free image downloads and 20% off of any image pack purchase to help you start exploring the power that the agency has to offer.  Here’s how to redeem the code.

  1. Signup On Our Unique Landing Page

Visit the exclusive StockPhotoSecrets landing page here and create a new account with Fotolia.  It’s the first step you will need to take to unlock our Fotolia promo code, and will let you explore the agency fully.

  1. Get Your Mobile Phone Ready

With this deal, Fotolia will text you a special promo code to enter in order to get the free images and huge discount on their site.  Get your cell phone ready, and make sure you are able to receive SMS messages.  After visiting the landing page above and creating an account, you will be prompted to enter your phone number.

  1. Activate Your Fotolia Promo Code

Once you create an account and enter your phone number, an activation code should be sent to you within seconds.  If you haven’t received one within five minutes, you probably don’t have good service where you are located, or your phone can’t receive SMS messages.  Once you have received your code, enter it into the activation box where prompted.

  1. Enjoy Your Free Images!

That’s really all you have to do to unlock three free images or one high definition larger file for free.  In addition to three free downloads, you also will have a 20% discount the next time that you make an image package purchase from Fotolia.  This discount won’t last forever, but you will have some time to explore the agency and decide if you’d like to make an image package purchase to unlock the full potential of Fotolia.

Discounts for Existing Fotolia Customers

While you have to be a new customer to get the three free images, our Fotolia promo deal will let you unlock the 20% discount if you already are a member of the site.  In order to do so, see our guide here for existing Fotolia users.  Enjoy the discount!

By Jean