shutterstock300widthShutterstock is an amazing stock photo agency. With over 55 million images, it surely has a large pool of royalty-free images to suit your creative needs. Many people are using this incredible stock photo website for one obvious reason. It has subscriptions and images on demand for every budget. However, there are many other benefits why it is a favorite among students, bloggers and even businesses. I asked some users why they think Shutterstock is one of the best websites to get cheap stock photos.

Jenny Wilson, Entrepreneur
I have a retail business, where I sell fashion clothing and accessories. Aside from actual photos of the items, I also include photos of similar clothing so buyers will have an idea what to wear with them. Shutterstock has an amazing stock of photos from plain to striped shirts, shorts and other fashion pieces. I can download images anytime for up to one year, letting me save money and increase profits.

Sandra Smith, Dentist
Taking my business online has done me good. When I put up a website for my practice, I gained more patients. Aside from the common tooth extraction, I also install teeth braces. To market my service, I use Shutterstock photos because they are cheap and remarkable. I can get royalty-free photos at any size – all with the highest resolution.

Laureen Co, Blogger
As a blogger, I am responsible of providing my content the right tool to get it noticed. Shutterstock gives me a wide variety of cheap stock photos for my creative needs. I can download as many photos as I want to liven up my blog, without breaking the bank. I love that I get access to a premium collection of high-quality photos and discover the creative world.

Jay Melton, Collector
I love Legos so I decided to put up a website displaying my collection. In addition to the actual photos of my Legos, I also use cheap stock photos. I find one assembled Lego from Shutterstock photo website and I try to make my own. Then, I compare their photos for my friends, family and fellow Lego collectors to see. I love that the user interface is simple. I can choose to be a monthly or annual member.


Jenny, Sandra, Laureen and Jay are only four of the thousands of people who use Shutterstock. Indeed, it is a great stock photo agency. It is packed with a wide variety of royalty-free images, all for very affordable prices. It is simple and exclusive. It does not involve any hidden fees or commitment. It only offers exquisite images at straightforward prices.

What cheap stock photo website are you using? Do you also use Shutterstock? Share your experience with us. We’d love to hear it.


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